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Words Exp
address 处理, handle
adjourn 结束会议
AGM Annual General Meeting
AOB 其余事项
ballot 无记名投票
board of directors 管理层
boardroom 会议室
casting vote 决定性的一票
chairperson 会议主持人
closeing remarks 会议结束语
commence 开始
confidential 机密的, 私人的
consensus 一致认同
designate 派发, 分配, alloc
formality 流程
grievance 抱怨
guest speaker 宾客
implement 实施
mandatory 强制的
opening remark 开场白
overhead projector 头顶的投影仪
punctual 按时的
recommend 建议
show of hands 举手表决
unanimous 毫无异议
wrap up 结束会议

Unformal Meeting

Eng Exp
lets see how our (conference) line is working 查看(会议)电话链接情况
we are in/connected 连接上了
we have our all group here
sales figures and trends for our products
take it away! 拿去吧/你来说吧!
kick off 截止日期
arrive at some target/goal
handout material 分发材料
As the old saying goes
relate 有关联
reaped in
reap in
in contrast to on the contrary
pls sure you all know
plateau 平缓期
rollout 首发,首次展示
bring out 生产
put revenue under pressure 收入压力巨大
fend off 劈开(敌人,危险等)
couple of quarter 两个季度,半年
fairly flat first half 平稳的前半段
vertical axis 纵轴
biggest slice of pie 最大份额
key metric 关键指数
fluctuation 波动
surge in sth 大量的(常用于投资,广告等)
plan aren't worth the paper they are written on 一钱不值
redundancy 解雇
crux 关键的
launch 产品的推出
scratch our head 大伤脑筋(形容状态)
morale 士气
proposal 观点
shortfall 短缺(前面加Training currency等)
it's not productive 效率低
why would/did you say 为什么这么说
criterion 标准
lag time 滞后期,延时
indictment 指责
writings on the wall 不祥之兆
on the line 处于危险中
proper implementation 良好的落实
is definitely a go 确定要执行
get sth up to speed 了解最新情况
kill two bird with one stone
oh my goddess
salvage 拯救
come to grips (认真)对付(或处理)
scrap 废弃
spread out 分散了
folks 人们
contract it out
consolidate 加固
poor choice
proposition 提议
I can't see (the possibility)
we have covered everthing
compensation 赔偿
swap concession 让步
volatility 波动性(市场之类的)
coping with cope with
on the back burner 暂时搁置
overlap 重叠
broach/bring up 提出(事宜)
synergy 协同
not by a long shot 并非长期(有效)
obstacle 障碍
bloackage 封锁
make recommendation 点菜
drawback disadvantage
solving not sourcing!!
anticipate 预感
keen interest in 兴趣
meet the target
core part
on track to
varitey of sth
lighten the
take on work
merge 并购
harmonize 使一致
goal-oriented 目标明确
integrate constructive criticism ?
task force
分享屏幕 able to see it ?
考虑中 trying to think
会议结束 Have a good day
随后忙 OK will do
sorry Whats that
Sounds good
Sorry say that again
From my perspective
Sorry again
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